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Omarim Technologies Ltd operates as a representative for manufacturers of electronic components, power products, optoelectronic displays, RF components/modules  and Accessories in the Israeli and Turkish market .
Omarim is a subsidiary of Phoenix technologies ltd.

Omarim Technologies is in the center of Israel ,located in Kfar-Sabba industrial zone. Most of the electronic industry in Israel is within short distance from Omarim Technologies Ltd offices.
Our Turkish office is located in Istanbul – center of the electronic industry in Turkey.

Omarim focus on representing leading manufacturers  for the Israeli & Turkish market.
We consider ourselves as an extension of the manufacturers and work as his local sales office.
By that we help the manufacturer to:
 • Keep the direct contact between the Manufacturer and the customers.
 • Support technically and logistically on immediate basis.
 • Get better feedback from the market.
 • Focus the distributors on the manufacturer line of product among the many competitive lines they have.
 • Filter RFQ’s and keep reasonable price level as we are close to the market and customers. 
Omarim Technologies Ltd gives full solution for engineers at the design stage and support the buyers in the final stage.
We focus on new designs at the engineering stage by supplying data sheet, samples and engineering support if needed.
On the purchasing stage Omarim support the OEM and distributors to get fast response and keep close contact with the buyers.
Reports to supplier :


 • Full visibility of the local market.
 • New designs, High potential programs, Market demand on new products.
 • Market situation: Customers to focus on, price levels,
 • Forecast: Rolling  forecast, long term forecast.

Customer base:


All users of electronic components in our market are our customers.

Among our customers are some leading manufacturers such as : Tadiran, ECI, Motorola, Avaya, Rafael, Elbit RAD and more.


Omarim establish in 1996 - is one of the leading and experienced representative companies in the Israeli market
Our experties is in the fields of  Digital/analog , communication,RF products and military application among other fields in the Israeli electronic industry .
With our successful experience till now ,unique technical engineers and the knowledge how to support local and multinational distributors we are your best choice in our market place. 

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