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The TQM879006 is a digital variable gain amplifier (DVGA) featuring high linearity over the entire gain control range. The amplifier module features the integration of a low noise amplifier gain block, a digital-step attenuator (DSA), along with a high linearity ¼W amplifier. The module has the added features of integrating all matching components with bias chokes and blocking capacitors in a compact 6x6mm leadless SMT package. The internal DSA offers 0.5dB step, 6-bit, and 31.5dB range and has a serial controlled interface. The DVGA operates over the entire 1.8 - 2.7 GHz frequency range with +41.3dBm output IP3 and +25.4dBm P1dB while operating from single +5V supply. The amplifier also has a very low 1.5dB noise figure (at maximum gain) allowing it to be an ideal DVGA for both receiver and transmitter applications. The device is ideal for 3G / 4G base station transceivers or repeater applications

NEW - ACX are opening a new line of products using the ability to produce a variety of wireless communication
devices such as Diplexer Switch, VCO, PA and highly integrated RF
modules using LTCC technology. They offer extensive expertise using
DuPont and Ferro as well as ACX-developed LTCC tape systems.

NEW – The world leader has gone out with new GAN and BAW products – See in the Web
TriQuint is an industry leader in the development, advancement and production of gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), surface acoustic and bulk acoustic wave (SAW/BAW) technologies.
• GaN offers even greater power handling capabilities, strong linearity and the ability to perform at a given power level using fewer or smaller devices. This generates less heat and can reduce overall system sizes and part counts.
• BAW offers superior loss levels, stronger ESD performance and greater resistance to temperature effects for devices at frequencies from 2.5-6 GHz and beyond.
NEW - CuFlip™ – An Interconnect Technique
CuFlip, pronounced Copper Flip, is TriQuint's patented flip chip interconnect technique. CuFlip uses copper ‘bumps' to replace wire bonds. TriQuint has shipped more than 100 million CuFlip based products.
Benefits of CuFlip over Wire Bonds:
• Enables Superior RF Performance , Design Flexibility , Reduced Bill Of Materials , Enables Faster Manufacturing and Assembly , Lower Cost.
TriQuint's CuFlip technology is a strategic differentiator for RF design. TriQuint will continue to leverage its CuFlip process to build smaller, better performing RF solutions for our customers.

ITF has gone out with a new technology of SAW Dual Bandpass filter
Z-comm- PLL
PLL frequency 85MHz-12GHz
Z-comm- VCO
New series of VCO frequency 40MHz-7GHz
SDP-Waveguide/Broad-wall Directional Coupler
• WR 284 to WR 28 Sizes available in North American EIA and IEC European Standard Flanges
• Frequency Range: 2.6 to 40 GHz, Multiple Port: Flange and Co-axial Connector Design available
• Typical Performance
• Coupling: 3, 6, 10 , 20, 30 and 40 dB
• Directivity: 40 dB Typical, 30 dB min
• Primary Line VSWR: 1.10 max.
• Secondary Line VSWR: 1.2 max.
SDP- Isolators/Circulators/Drop-In
• Low insertion loss
• Low intermodulation
• Frequency up to 10GHz
• Custom shape and features
SDP-Isolators/Circulators/Surface Mount
• Gull-Wing Tabs
• PCB Mounted interface
• Custom Configurations
Performance Alternatives
• Models with Insertion loss (<0.2dB over temperature)
• Designs with Low IMD (better than -82dBc over temperature)
• Isolation and return loss (>23dB over temperature)
• Frequencies from 380MHz to 3.7GHz
• Neodymium (NdFeB) and BeO-Free
Hascall-Denke-Vehicular Antennas
Frequency up to 6GHz.Power up to 200W.

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