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High Power Current Sense Resistor Qualified for Military, Aerospace Electronics
The LRF3W-MIL Series resistors employ a high-reliability thick film resistive element on a high purity alumina substrate
Resistance values for the LRF3W-MIL Series range from 0.003Ω to 1.0Ω, with tolerances available down to ±1% and TCRs to ±100ppm/°C. Operating temperature range is from -55°C to +150°C.

The resistors can be screened to MIL-PRF-55342, NASA EE-INST-002, or customer source control drawing to meet special application requirements.

Military Custom High-Rel Precision Resistor Networks
BI Technologies Offers Custom High-Rel Precision Resistor Networks, Pg 2

The custom high-reliability resistor networks are ideal for a wide range of applications, including instrumentation amplifiers, precision voltage dividers, measurement bridge circuitry, ladder networks and other precision analog circuits in aerospace and military electronic systems.
The WDBR Series planar power resistors are rated for 0.5, 1.0, 2, 3, 5 and 7kW (maximum pulse power rating). Standard resistance values include 12, 22, 47, 100 and 150 ohms, with tolerances to ±10% (custom resistance values and tolerances are also available). Minimum dielectric withstanding voltage is specified at 2500VDC. Inductance values range from less than 3µH to less than 6µH.
“The HM72B surface mount power inductor features an extremely robust design, including a pressed powdered iron alloy core construction, allowing it to withstand environmental elements
Current Sense OARS-3
high current devices capable of providing current-sense and surge protection functions in high temperature environments, TT electronics IRC offers a series of open-air current sense resistors. The OARS-3 Series surface mount metal alloy strip resistors feature a flameproof open-air
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