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Mornsun - SMD DC DC Isolated
Ultra small package, high power density, isolation voltage from 1KV DC,1.5KV DC, 3KV DC to 6KV DC, with our own patents.
Mornsun - DC DC replace the 78XX regulators
Ultra wide input range, non-isolated, very high efficiency (up to 96%) with small size, multiple protections, operated well without load, very low stand-by power, natural cooling, without heat sink, easy to use, ideal alternative to LM78XX linear. Temperature range: -40~+85CEfficiency: 96% (MAX)Output voltage accuracy: ±2%?? Package: SIP、DIP、SMDMTBF > 1,000,000 hours(temp : 25C
Mornsun - AC DC DC DC
Mornsun making AC DC from 5W up to 40W and DC DC isolated from 0.25W to 40W
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